Officers & Duties

Past Master Mules

These are our Officers and Duties:

Officers and Duties

   Joe Kaltenbach, Master Mule

The first officer shall be known as the Master Mule. He shall be the first Mule, call gatherings of Mules to order, and keep all Mule gatherings in an orderly fashion. The Master Mule must be notified of visitors present, and excuse all visitors from the business session of the meeting.

  Steve Yawitz, Keeper of the Barn

The second officer shall be known as the Keeper of the Barn. He shall assume the duties of the Master Mule whenever the Master Mule cannot participate in Mule functions.

  Doug Mueller, Keeper of the Bray

The Secretary shall be known as the Keeper of the Bray. He shall record procedure of all barnyard gatherings, shall notify mules of such gatherings and shall transmit mule correspondence as directed.


Dennis Maag, Keeper of the Hay

The Treasurer shall be known as the Keeper of the Hay. He shall be responsible for collecting the hay (money), keeping said hay in a reputable bank, giving a financial report at regular barnyard gatherings, and dispensing hay as directed.




Keeper of the Tale, Steve Gray

The historian shall be known as the Keeper of the Tale. He shall record the illustrious history of the Mules organization and keep said tale for posterity in a permanent record.

  Keeper of the Stall, Chuck Lischko

The Sergeant at Arms shall be known as the Keeper of the Stalls. He shall have the duty of keeping all barnyard gatherings orderly and when directed, shall in typical mule fashion kick out all disorderly or intruding

  Keeper of the Broom, Dan Schrodt

The Keeper of the Broom is entrusted with the honored emblem of our organization. He shall wield this emblem in the best possible manner to keep the stalls clean of any actions detrimental to the purpose of this organization.





Keeper of the Nuts, Mike Toomey

The Keeper of the Nuts, without any outside influence or attempted bribery, shall present a list of candidates to serve as officers for the upcoming year. He or she will present this list at the January and February meetings and the election will be held in March.


Past Master Mules